Erdkunde/ Geography

 Unterrichtsinhalte und bilinguale Module (Auswahl)

Class 5

The Earth: Continents and oceans, the solar system, the globe, the grid: latitudes and longitudes, directions, time zones, records of the Earth

Weather and climate: Temperature and precipitation, climate graphs, weather forecast


Class 6

Europe - our continent: countries, capitals, rivers and mountain ranges

Climate of Europe: maritime and continental climate

Industry in Europe: means of transportation, Northern Europe wood industry, oil and coal industry

Tourism in Europe: mass tourism in southern Europe


Class 7

The climate and vegetation zones of the Earth

In the tropical rainforest

In the savannas

In the deserts


Class 8

The polar zone

Moving earth: Structure of the Earth, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, the rock cycle

Weather and climate: Superstorms

Climate Change


Class 9

World population: Population growth and development

Urbanisation and Megacities



Class 10

Globalisation and world trade/ fair trade

The world's oceans

One world - Sustainability