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Theodor Heuss Realschule Kornwestheim

Der diesjährige Englandaustausch stand wettermäßig nicht unter einem so glücklichen Stern wie die letzten Jahre. Dennoch war die Stimmung auf Seiten der Schüler und Lehrer bestens, wie auch das folgende Tagebuch zeigt, indem eine Schülerin den Verlauf der Austauschwoche aus ihrer Sicht auf Englisch beschreibt:

England exchange 2013

1st day, Wednesday 13th March 2013:

On the first day we met 7:35 a.m. at the train station of Kornwestheim. One hour later we arrived at the airport in Stuttgart where we all got our boarding cards and went to Burger King. Then we started our flight. I slept for one hour, because the night before I didn’t get much sleep. I was too excited to see Millie, my exchange partner. After landing at Heathrow airport, we got our luggage and went to the bus station. A bus picked us up there and we drove to a service station. I had been there two years ago on a private trip to our twin town. When we arrived at Thornden School in Eastleigh we got off the bus, took my luggage and I started to look for Millie. Suddenly she stood in front of me. We were so happy! Then all the exchange students went to the school cafeteria. Most of the girls sat around one table and we all smiled and talked to each other. One hour later Millie’s mum came and picked us up. After five minutes we arrived at the large house of Millie’s family. They showed me the whole house and said, if I’d like I could get my own room. But I liked to sleep with Millie in her room. For dinner we ate Spaghetti Bolognese. Millie’s dad is a very good cook and the food tasted so great the whole week. After the dinner, I wrote an e-mail to my parents and then we went to bed.


2nd day, Thursday 14th March 2013:

14.3.2013 Eastheigh
On the first morning in England the sun was shining. I put my school uniform shirt on. At first we watched two lessons science together with our exchange partners. After the two lessons, we met in the school library. With two minibusses we drove to the town hall of Eastleigh. The mayor and his assistant gave us a tour through the town hall and we were dressed up in some funny historic robes. After that we went to Winchester by train. In Winchester we took a walk through the old town. The old houses were really nice to look at. We agreed a meeting point, the girls and I went shopping at PRIMARK. The boys helped me to carry my bags ?. We met again at the meeting point. From there we walked to the famous Winchester Cathedral to have a look at it and take some photos. After that we took a bus back home to Eastleigh.


3rd day, Friday 15th March 2013:

15.3. London 15.3. London
This Friday was the Red Nose Day and we made a trip to London. We drove to a meeting point at Hyde Park, where we were waiting about 45 minutes for a bus. I was bored and it was cold, so I began to dance. Some other girls danced with me on the street because they knew this dance. More girls came and we were a little group of dancers. The other guys who did not dance and our teachers watched us and we were an attractive scene. Finally, our bus came it took us to Madame Tussaud’s. The wax figures were beautiful to look at and I really loved the 4D cinema at the end of the museum, which showed some really great effects with super heroes who saved London. The horror cabinet made me feel a bit scared. After the Madame Tussaud’s we had a tour through London in an open sightseeing bus. We were on the top deck, there it was very cold, but we saw all the interesting sights like Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the London Eye and the Tower of London. After the sightseeing tour we had a stop at Covent Garden where there are some shops and restaurants inside. Our bus picked us up and we drove back home. In the evening Lea and her exchange partner Rebecca slept at our house and we had a nice sleepover.


4th day, Saturday 16th March 2013:

Lea and Rebecca went home very early because they wanted to go to Thorpe Park. Millie and I kept lying in bed. At 2 o’clock Millie’s dad picked us up and we went to Southampton. After we had gone to a hotel and had lunch there, we went to a big soccer match between Southampton and Liverpool. It was interesting to watch the game, but it was also too cold. In the evening we were at Beth’s party with the other exchange students. It was a cool evening and Luana, Lilly, Millie and me slept at Beth’s house.

5th day, Sunday 17th March 2013:

17.3. Bournemouth 17.3. Bournemouth
On this day we were shopping in a very big shopping center. There was a big PRIMARK and I bought many things there. After this shopping trip I was so happy. We went home and I got a typical English lunch, with beef, Yorkshire pudding, “rabbit food” and potatoes. I was enthusiastic. In the evening we went bowling with the exchange partners.




 6th day, Monday 18th March 2013:

18.3. Portsmouth 18.3. Portsmouth

All the exchange students, the English and their German partners and their teachers went to Bournemouth today. First, we went to see a big Aquarium. We saw sharks, turtles and many different fishes. Afterwards, we went to a little casino on the pier . We played funny games and then we went to Harry Ramsden’s the world’s greatest Fish and Chips shop. The most of us had ordered chicken, but I had ordered fish and chips and I was really hungry, but I got my meal very late. But - mhhmm - it tasted very good! After the delicious lunch we got some time to look at the town center and do a little shopping. I had been to Bournemouth two years ago and I knew where the best places were. In the evening I was with Millie in the Drama Club. They practiced a theatre play.

7th day, Thursday 19th March 2013
On Thursday we were in Portsmouth. First we were in the Maritime Museum and then we were on the ship HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson’s ship in the Battle of Trafalgar. This ship was so big, but if we walked inside we had to take care of our heads. After that we walked to the Spinnaker Tower, a very interesting piece of architecture (see Photo) from where we saw the Isle of Wight. We had a very good view of Portsmouth and we took some nice pictures. Thereafter we went shopping in the Outlet. In the evening all the exchange people were swimming and after that some of my class mates and their partners watched a Harry Potter movie. In the night I packed my luggage, because we had to leave the next day.

8th day, Wednesday 20th March 2013:
This was our last day. I said good bye to my host family. I was sad because I liked this family so much. I took my luggage in the bus and said good bye to Millie. I had some tears in my eyes, because I had found a new friend and I really like her. The parting was difficult. Then we drove to Windsor where we had a look at the castle from outside and bought our last souvenirs. After that we met us at the meeting point from where we were taken to Heathrow Airport. After the usual procedure of check in and customs control we sat in the plane and flew back home to Germany.

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