Realschule mit Bilingualem Zug
  Bildungswerkstatt Baden-Württemberg
     MINT-freundliche Schule

Erdkunde/ Geography/ EWG

 Unterrichtsinhalte und bilinguale Module (Auswahl)

Class 5

The Earth: Continents and oceans, the solar system, the globe, the grid: latitudes and longitudes, directions, time zones, records of the Earth

Weather and climate: Temperature and precipitation, climate graphs, weather forecast


Class 6

Europe - our continent
Maritime and continental climate
Means of transportation
Industry in Europe
Northern Europe wood industry
Oil and coal industry
On an oil rig
Mass tourism in southern Europe


Class 7

The climate and vegetation zones
In the tropical rainforest
In the savannas
In the deserts


Class 8

The polar zone
Mass media
The temperate zone (USA)
Moving earth
Rock cycle
Weathering and erosion


Class 9

Population growth
The European Union


Class 10

The European Union
Globalisation and world trade
Fair trade
Resource problem
One world - Sustainability
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